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What are the features of AC/DC Converters?

In recent years. The marketing of AC to DC converter increase significantly, due to the rise of industrial automation, the Internet of Things and smart home appliances. For example, human-machine interface and mechanical equipment need to transmit information to each other. And the power supplies of these communication device are mostly provided by AC to DC converters.

High efficiency, low standby power consumption and compact size, are the power converter common characteristics for three application. For example, in a smart office, there may be hundreds of detector or sensors, such as a temperature sensor or light sensor, as shown in Figure 1. These devices require the power converter to provide power. This sensor does not operate for all days. It means they mostly in standby mode. If the standby power consumption of the converter is too high, it will cause excessive energy loss.

In addition. In smart home appliances, the size of the power converter is very important. Such as wireless router that can be embedded in walls or floors, the volume of such products needs very compact. Figure 2 shows the installation location of wireless router in smart home.

Application Profile

The following items are the point that should be noted when selecting a power supply for industrial automation, IoT, and smart appliances.

  • Efficiency

High efficiency means there are less energy loss during operation. So high efficiency has always been the specification pursued by various manufacturers. In addition. High efficiency, which means that the heat loss is lower. So, the converter can operate at a higher ambient temperature.

  • Standby Power

Most IoT or Smart home devices do not operate for all days, such as sensors or electric curtains, door lock systems, and so on. This type of product is in standby mode most of the time. Therefore, low standby power consumption is very important. For example, AC to DC converters must comply with Energy-Related Products Directive.

  • Size

The trend of current products is lightweight, compact size and easy to install. Therefore, the converter also follows this trend, moving in the direction. For example, the wireless router that can be directly put into the switched socket is a case. The router contains an AC to DC converter, so no need additional power.

Figure 3 is the block diagram of the flow meter. As can be seen from the figure, the AC/DC converter transfer the power to the MCU. The MCU can communicate with the human-machine interface through RS-485 to transmit information or various terminal devices such as control relays, valves or pumps.

Figure 4 and 5 are the block diagram for smart home network gateway controller and electric curtain. With build-in power converter, it can transfer the correct power to the load. Such as MCU, sensor, wireless network or speaker.


Converter with small size, low standby power consumption and high efficiency are commonly used in industrial automation, IoT and smart home appliances, such as wireless router or smart meters. Small size power converters help to reduce the total size of the product. Low standby power consumption and high efficiency help reduce energy waste and avoid creating additional heat. Therefore, small size, low standby power consumption and high efficiency are the critical feature for gate driver power.


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